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Love songs


Location: Cracow, Poland
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Earnings To-Date: [private]
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Record Label: HeavyMusic Records
Label Type: Independent

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Band Members

Piotr Warszawski - voc
Mat Buffalo - dr
Basik - b
Greg Toma - g, voc
Wujek Drut - g

Artistic Influences

Mickey Rourke, Queens Of The Stone Age, Faith No More, NoMeansNo, Tomahawk, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Slayer, Frank Zappa, The Residents, The Beatles

Described as...

Our name's Mikirurka. That's what our band's called. There are five of us and we play rock and roll.
We don't pursue any idea, have no far fetched goals like healing the world we live in - all we do is play rock and roll.
As no lipstick can do without lips, and no vacuum cleaner - without a pipe, neither a band can - without a record. So, eventually we've decided not to do without one. Now, with joy, looking forward, we're presenting you our first CD!
Sit down comfortably and listen to it. We can't guarantee, however, you'll stay with us till the end - sitting. You can even admit you hate rock and roll. So do we :)

Ladies and Gentlemen - Mikirurka!

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