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The future of independent music needs your help!

Please consider contributing directly to the betterment of music-making and electronic distribution by donating to indieHD.

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We are not registered as a 501(c)(3) entity in the United States; please be aware that donations are not tax-deductible for U.S. tax-payers.

Non-profits can actually be expensive and cumbersome to operate, often with no discernible benefit to the organization. The value of non-profit status depends entirely on the organization in question, and we feel that non-profit status would not enable us to serve our artists, labels, and music-buying customers any better.

Rest assured that your donation will be applied directly to our overhead costs. We maintain a veritable server-farm and aim squarely at break-even; your money will be used to defray our operational costs.

Thank you for your consideration!

- Ben Johnson, Lead Developer and Creator

Why indieHD?

The indieHD project provides an e-commerce framework that enables independent musicians to sell their own music while keeping all profits. Artists may join the indieHD community free of charge, and are free to close their accounts at any time — no long-term contract, no fine-print. Learn More »