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indieHD Privacy Policy

Last revised February 19, 2018

We value your privacy, as it is extremely important to us. The following information outlines our Privacy Policy and the measures that we take to ensure the security of your personal information.

Changes and amendments

This page contains indieHD's current Online Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy"). The most current version of our Privacy Policy will always reside on this page. Any personal information ("personal information" is defined as information that can be used to locate, contact, or personally identify the individual to whom it pertains) that is collected through this website is subject to this Privacy Policy. We, the principle owners of indieHD, reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time and any changes should be considered effective immediately. In the event that changes are made to our Privacy Policy, customer information that was acquired prior to the changes will be handled in accordance with the most current version of our Privacy Policy, not the version that was in effect during the time at which the information was acquired. Within thirty days of a Privacy Policy change, by coming to and using this website, it is assumed that you have been made aware of and are subject to the policies outlined herein. If indieHD sells its assets to or merges with another entity, that entity may be given access to your personal information without you providing additional consent.

Entities collecting personal information

Any information that is collected from you on this website is collected by Indie Worldwide, LLC, registered in the State of Maine, United States of America, Office of the Secretary of State.

Circumstances under which information is collected from you

On this website, information is collected from you when you submit an online form or send us an email that requires us to retain some or all of the information within the email. Some of the online forms on this website are the Contact Us form and the Create A New Account form. Additionally, forms that collect information from you will usually have a "Submit" (or similar) button. Information that we may collect includes your name, address, zip code, telephone number, and credit card information, should you choose to purchase products on our website. The submission of information on this website is completely voluntary, but failure to provide certain information (such as a billing address) that is necessary to process a given request may render us unable to process that request.

Circumstances under which information is NOT collected from you

We do NOT gather information about you that you do not willfully provide, such as your computer's hardware or software configuration. Our Web Hosting provider may, on our behalf, collect information that relates to traffic on this website, but none of that information is personal or unique to your computer or Internet connection.

What we do with your information

We use your personal information for a few reasons. We require certain pieces of information to fill a product order request. If you order a product from us, the information we collect during that process is used to bill you, and is then stored in our transaction records. Once the order has been filled, the information is not accessed unless a subsequent billing issue, such as a charge-back, arises. Under the following circumstances, we will use your name and email address to contact you via email:

  • We will send you an email upon the completion of a form on our website that necessitates correspondence (such as an order form).
  • If you send us an email message requesting information that is not readily available on our website, we will always do our best to reply and provide you with the information that you seek.
  • If there is a problem with your order, such as improperly entered information or a credit card authorization failure, we will send you an email that includes the details of the problem and the necessary steps for resolution. In order to comply with laws or regulations, if necessary, we may provide customer information to the issuing agency with valid and substantiated warrants or subpoenas.

What we do NOT do with your information

We will not sell, trade, or otherwise distribute any of your personal information, especially your email address, to any third party. Market research has shown that unsolicited correspondence can severely damage an organization's rapport with its customers. At the pinnacle of our core values is a trusting relationship with you, our valued customer. We want you to feel confident that your information is safe in our hands, and that we do all that is within our power to ensure that you will not receive any unwanted correspondence. We will not send you any unsolicited mail, through email, the U.S. Postal Service, or otherwise, and we will certainly never contact you by phone with telemarketing ploys or surveys.

How we protect your information

indieHD does not store complete customer credit card numbers. We never save your credit card information anywhere within our system (databases). When you submit your credit card information to complete a purchase on indieHD, we pass the information along to your credit card company (through our payment processor) for verification. We only store two pieces of information that pertain specifically to your credit card: 1) the "PASS/FAIL" response that your card-issuer provides to us when we attempt to charge your credit card; 2) the last four (4) digits of your credit card. We store the last four digits of your credit card for verification purposes when you contact us concerning your account, such as in the event that you have forgotten your indieHD user name. We immediately destroy the Card Security Code that you submit, as well as all but the last four digits of your credit card number. We have no use for this information once we receive the "OK" from your credit card issuer.

Many Web Hosting providers (ours included) are exempt from liability in the event of a server crash or malfunction. As a measure to protect any data that may otherwise be unrecoverable in such an incident, we store all of our customer databases in two locations. In addition, we severely restrict access to databases where personal information is stored; individuals outside of the organization, and most of those inside it, do not have access to your personal information, period.


indieHD utilizes a dedicated 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to encrypt all transactions that contains potentially personal information (such as user names, passwords, or credit card information). It would be extremely difficult for a third party to intercept this encrypted data while in transit to our server. Equifax is the issuer of the certificate that we use to encrypt transaction data. See the indieHD Online Security Policy for more information.

Hyperlinks to outside sites

We may provide hyperlinks on this website that will send you to another organization's website. Our Privacy Policy applies only to pages within the indieHD domain, and should you choose to click a link that will send you outside of our website, any activity in which you participate is governed by the privacy policy contained on that site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of any site outside of our domain to which we provide hyperlinks.


Currently, we use "session cookies" in some areas of our website. The purpose of these cookies is simply to store temporary data that enhances your browsing experience while using our website. For example, we use session cookies to store your authentication status, which enables you to "log in" to the site and access any digital content you may have purchased. Once you close your browser window, the session cookie, which resides on your computer, expires and is effectively deleted, depending on your browser. Other websites cannot access the information we store in session cookies. Please note that we do NOT use cookies to track your browsing habits (such as what website you were visiting previously) or collect marketing data.

In addition to session cookies, we store one so-called "persistent cookie", which does not automatically disappear when you close your browser. This cookie stores an order ID that is linked to your shopping cart, which enables you to close your browser and then finish shopping at a later time. You may delete this cookie manually at any time using your Web browser's cookie deletion feature.

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