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Test (Validate) a WAV or FLAC Audio File

(If you have no idea what a lossless audio file is, then please visit our Help & Resources section to learn more about lossless audio preparation.)

This tool is provided so you can test a lossless audio file against a set of known standards before attempting to upload a potentially bunk file to our system. We refer to this process as "validation". Use this tool to upload any WAV or FLAC file that you have created using your audio encoding tool of choice before you waste time uploading a sizable but unusable audio file that does not meet our quality requirements.

Any file that you upload here will be destroyed immediately after we run our validation routine on the file. (Otherwise, we'd end up with hard drives full of useless audio files.)

If your sample file validates here, then you are probably safe to use the same process to encode the audio files that you intend to supply as the CD-quality "master copies" that we will re-encode per our specs and then provide to your paying customers. When you upload your actual audio tracks, the files will again be validated, using this same routine.

Special thanks to the developers at the getid3() open-source project for writing the free getid3() software. We use getid3() to perform this validation.

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