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Jordan Jackson Music (Producer)

Location: St. Ives, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Earnings To-Date: [private]
Record Label: Jordan Jackson Music
Label Type: Indie

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Music has always been an interest of mine and I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity for this interest to grow into a passion. I have recently completed a Plymouth University HND course in sound engineering with multimedia integration but have previously been a performer in a couple of bands of varied genres, written music, produced recordings, arranged gigs from small pub venues to outdoor music festivals and done live sound as well. I am currently a DJ for the online radio station Phoenix Radio where I produce and record my own show, RedBeard's Ship O'Metal. Recently I have also started writing for an online acoustics web-zine too.

Artistic Influences

Through being a sound engineer I have had the fortune of working with such artists and bands as Gally’s Folly, Wreckless Dream, Robin Vizard, Andrew Bate, Oracy and Marble Arc, to name a few. As a radio DJ I’ve met a variety of people from the industry and even interviewed acts like Evile, They Will Rise and Dragonforce.

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