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For dark is the suede that mows like a harvest

Program 25

Location: Kalaheo, Hawaii, United States
indieHD URL:
Earnings To-Date: $18.90
Label Type: Invisible, Independent
On Our Playlist: sssshhhhhhhh!
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Band Members

Aaron Loomis

friends & guests - Damon Myers, KWAALM, David Noah Coupaud, Joshua Newton, The Knoblick Hill High Society, Krongo.

Artistic Influences

I never know what this space is for exactly. I guess i like a lot of music from most genres.....i guess most notable on a personal level are The Secret Chiefs 3 and Tool....a few movies have done a lot for me....some good books....not much for television....some paintings and photos are cool....and i've met a lot of really decent people also.

Described as...

mostly just stuff to fuck your head up in different ways. headphones and various substances have enhanced the experience for me.

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