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The magic of Croatian ambiental music

zyzzykojak (Dr Rudol)

Location: LK ELSINORE, CA, United States
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Dr Rudol

Artistic Influences

Beatles,St Germain,Thievery corporation,Colour sceene ocean,Doors,and many other rock musicians ,but also some classics as well as jazz performers,and at the end many ambiental muasicians .

Described as...

I prefer rock music and have grown up with it.But with the aging I became interested in jazz,fussion, fact , no genre is important anymore.I only care if it's good or not.As a younger I used to play a guitar.Nowadays I create my music using PC and some music programs.After I had discoverd "THIEVERY CORPORATION" I became inloved in the Ambiental music.Sometimes I also make my own slideshows which are some kind of background for my music.Here I usually put the photos I take by my own and they're here to present some interesting places of my country Croatia.

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