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Princess Anna Pierre (The Singing Nurse)

Location: Miramar, Florida, United States
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On Our Playlist: PAPA-M SE WA / MY DAD IS A KING
A letter to Santa
Grace and Mercy
Mete Suk Sou Bonbon-m
For the good times " Tankou Lontan "
Pa Vin Rete Ke-m / Don't give me heartache

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Princess Anna Pierre
"The Singing Nurse"

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VERY COMPASSIONATE, DOWN TO EARTH & VERSATILE - Anna Pierre was born in Haiti and is the third child in a family of nine siblings. She immigrated to the United States in 1981 and has been a resident of South Florida ever since.

When Anna Pierre enters a room, give her a few minutes and you can immediately feel her energy. Beneath her radiant smile and girlish laugh, however, is a woman of tremendous strength, courage, talent and determination. After graduating from High School in Haiti, Anna was fortunate enough to receive training as a Practical Nurse, but when she later applied for admission at the "Ecole Nationale des Infirmieres" Registered Nursing Program, she was turned down. Undaunted, she made arrangements through a friend who was living in Montreal Canada and headed to Montreal, only to face immigration problems after a few months, which forced her to return to Haiti for another six months. In Canada, she says: “It didn’t matter if you were good and productive, if you are an illegal alien, you can hide in an underground hole, when and if the bureau of Immigration needs you, they’ll find you”. Finally, Anna left her native City of Cap-Haitien again, to relocate to Miami. Although she had friends and knew what she wanted to accomplish, the transition was not easy. She had to learn to speak English fluently and find employment. Anna always jokes about, how on her first job application, she checked that she was a thief and had been in jail 3 times, secondary to not understanding English at the time and not knowing the meaning of the words thief and jail. Seeing her innocence and lack of English, the office manager of the clinic where she applied for the job hired her and helped her register at Miami Dade Community College to study English as a second language.

Hoping to continue her work as a Practical Nurse, she sent for her transcripts, but The then Haitian Government- Sponsored School refused to send them, claiming that she had not completed her two year-residency after finishing nursing school. Despite this disappointment, Anna persevered, even though it meant starting all over again. While working as a Nurse’s Assistant at the Miami Jewish Home and Hospital For the Aged, Anna took the entrance exam at Lindsay Hopkins Vocational School to receive a High School Diploma and once again, obtain a degree as a Practical Nurse. An LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse, she then continued at Miami-Dade Community College, where she graduated with honors as a Registered Nurse. In 1988, she was hired by Jackson Memorial Hospital as a Nurse 1 and eventually promoted to nurse 2, then to Transplant Coordinator / Clinical Care Coordinator.

With her flourishing nursing career, in 1987, Anna Pierre suddenly had an opportunity to explore another one of her many talents. She had always loved singing. However, growing up in a country where music was not accepted as a popular profession for girls, Anna quickly understood that she had to give priority to her nursing career. When a friend of hers asked her to perform in a show he was producing at the Joseph Caleb Center in Miami, she agreed. The response was so positive that Anna began taking voice, piano lessons and writing her own songs. The next step was to make an album, but producers told her of course, to come back when she was better known and had done the pre-requisite ”back-up singing for known solo performers.” As usual, Anna Pierre was kicked by rejection. “I hate to hear “No” She said,” I refuse to let people tell me you can‘t do this, you can‘t do that because I am a woman, because of where I come from, or because I have a French name. It’s like putting fuel in my tank” And full speed ahead, Anna Pierre formed her own company, A.P. Productions, Inc, found the musicians, produced and released her first album in November of 1989you This record which included the single” Mete Suk Sou Bonbon-m” made her literally an overnight success, both in the States, in Haiti and in parts of Europe.

To this day, the song has remained the favorite of everyone from the very young to the very old. At the request of Hispanics and English speaking fans, “ Mete Suk Sou Bonbon-m” had been translated into Spanish “ Echale azucar a mi bonbon” and in English,” Put sugar on my cake ” Needless to say that Anna Pierre has conquered the hearts of fans in the Caribbean’s, as well as Latin America. Sometimes”, she said, “Women must invest in themselves” Be the first to invest in yourself and in your projects, if you believe in your dreams... Others will follow you” In addition to “Mete Suk Sou Bonbon-m”, Anna Pierre released two consecutive albums. Don’t give me heartache” Pa Vin rete ke-m (1991) a collection of love songs with the Gospel tinged, An artist’s prayer “Priye yon Atis” and “Pa Fe-m sa Konsa”, (1995) which included the humorous dance track “ Bos Fetout” The Handyman. The need for more education to become a better health care provider, coupled with the arrival of Anna Pierre’s daughter-Vicki Imani, forced her to take a break from the music after the release of “Pa fe-m sa konsa” She needed time to concentrate on her Higher Studies and raise her daughter. During this time, Anna Pierre worked on her other passion which is providing access to health care to the less fortunate, via APHEC INTERNATIONAL, INC "THE PEOPLE'S CLINIC"- a Not For Profit Health Center Organization which she created many years ago.

With her daughter in High School, the constant reminders from fans and insiders in the music industry, her own desire to fill the void in the hearts of her fans, Anna Pierre decided to get back to the music. In 2011, She released a Gospel CD titled “ PAPA-M SE WA / MY DAD IS A KING” and with this new CD comes the sobriquet " Princess Anna Pierre" Anna Pierre's talent doesn't confine her only to singing in studios. She is a dynamic & captivating performer as well. Her catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics have placed her on the list of Haiti's unforgettable singers. In addition, Anna Pierre is working on a clothing line bearing the names of her mega hit songs” SUK SOU BONBON” (SSB) from her 1989 first release and ZOTOBRE which means " Very Important Person / Big Shot" - taken from her 2011 release" PAPA-M SE WA / MY DAD IS A KING". With such gusto and determination, The Singing Nurse is ready to conquer the rest of the world...

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