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Alone (2003) Hilliard Greene

Hilliard Greene - Alone Cover Art
The following audio file formats are included with purchase:
  • FLAC Logo FLAC: 16/44,100
  • LAME Logo MP3: 192 kbps (VBR)
  • Apple Lossless (ALAC) and WAV files provided, too!
  • 1200 x 1200 pixel album cover included with any song purchase.
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About this Album

This unique recording of solo bass features original compositions by Hill, as well as songs by Ornette Coleman and Stanley Clarke. When you listen to Hill play solo, you could swear that two or three bassists are performing at the same time. Alone displays Hills remarkable force and technical skill, and is required listening for true bass aficionados.

Produced and recorded by Todd Horton

"Hearing this album, we can all say we could just never have imagined the bass as a solo instrument that is wholly absorbing and wholly capable with sounds that show the artist knows jazz, classical, South American, and yes, even some colors of the Japanese koto. We can say he has reinvented the bass as a solo instrument. Hill takes center stage as a first class artist, Alone." James Forte - Wildflower Publishers

"OK, an unaccompanied solo in a tune is one thing. A whole concert - well, that's something else entirely. The thing is, Greene can keep the listener interested - very interested - for upwards of an hour, all by himself. His new album, ''Alone,'' is a riveting hour-plus of material, mostly originals, that stand up well as melodic compositions played with passionate dedication. There is a wide range of styles and forms, and there is no risk of boredom among the eight tunes." - Steve Greenlee - Boston Globe

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