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Lessons of Equestria (2016) Pony Music

Pony Music - Lessons of Equestria Cover Art
The following audio file formats are included with purchase:
  • FLAC Logo FLAC: 24/44,100
  • LAME Logo MP3: 192 kbps (VBR)
  • Apple Lossless (ALAC) and WAV files provided, too!
  • 720 x 720 pixel album cover included with any song purchase.
Audio Previews

About this Album

Lessons of Equestria is a compilation of four songs, dedicated to (yet not exclusively) the show and fans of My little Pony. It starts out with some happy DnB and moves on with some rather serious songs of genres like Glitch Hop, Liquid Dubstep (aka Chillstep) and Melodic Dubstep.

Shout out to all my friends who helped me out with artwork (FinalAspex, Snowsky-s, ShareDast and Bunnzee). Look em all up on!

Also shout out to all my friends who gave me feedback on my songs! They are numerous but I have to mention HayTea (find him on YouTube) since he invested most of his time.

In the rare case you're here before you even checked me out on YouTube, I highly recommend you to do so now. All of these songs will be uploaded there with individual artwork, design and visuals!

The only thing left to say is, enjoy and thanks for your support! :)

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