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Nightmares For Relaxation (2014) Isaac Smeele

Album Content

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 1. Abandon Hope.flac                                     31,753,663 bytes (30.28 MB)
 2. Neutral-Central.flac                                  38,290,586 bytes (36.52 MB)
 3. Matter Fail.flac                                      19,942,281 bytes (19.02 MB)
 4. Lie Detective (Staffordshire Mix).flac                34,613,954 bytes (33.01 MB)
 5. Maker 1127 & 1137.flac                                31,895,575 bytes (30.42 MB)
 6. You Do Not Respond.flac                               22,581,001 bytes (21.53 MB)
 7. Nananeel.flac                                         40,741,924 bytes (38.85 MB)
 8. Extremely Difficult.flac                              26,609,633 bytes (25.38 MB)
 album art.jpg                                             1,093,138 bytes (1.04 MB)

About this Album

The instrumental story of a gang violence survivor, who runs away from his home only to be taken in by true love, shocked listeners when it was first released. Smeele's musical tale of childhood innocence taken away by evil depicts the dark criminal underworld of a small northern town.
Combining elements of Trip-hop, Glitch hop and Psychedelia, Nightmares For Relaxation created an entirely new kind of sound, scathing in its indictment of a cruel society, and pervaded by an unforgettable sense of threat and mystery.

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