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Addle Me, Fluorescence (2013) Madame Zero

Album Content

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 01 Our Bloody Apple.flac                                                    4,246,332 bytes (4.05 MB)
 02 My Puncture, Your Rupture (and the Gaps Persisting).flac                18,261,791 bytes (17.42 MB)
 03 When Chaos Guides.flac                                                  18,728,254 bytes (17.86 MB)
 04 Miss Normal, Assignee.flac                                              20,740,926 bytes (19.78 MB)
 05 Into the Drinking Grove.flac                                            24,425,402 bytes (23.29 MB)
 06 Addle Me, Fluorescence.flac                                             26,729,507 bytes (25.49 MB)
 Cover.jpg                                                                  29,944,261 bytes (28.56 MB)
 Liner Notes.pdf                                                            30,479,599 bytes (29.07 MB)

About this Album

song writing by Madame Zero (David Lane)
most recording and performing by David
drumming and trumpeting by Andrew Lane
bass guitar playing by Charles Myers
production advising by Miles Bartlett
photography by Gail Dodge

written between March 2011 and July 2013
recorded in June and July 2013

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