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JAZZADELPHIA Volume 1 - The Piano

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Earnings To-Date: [private]
Official Website:
Record Label: Soulsearch Music
Label Type: Independent

Artist Photos

Band Members

Tom Lawton
Trudy Pitts
Dave Posmontier
Jim Ridl
Don Wilson
Sid Simmons
Ron Thomas
Bill Schilling
Lucas Brown
Paul Sottile
Rich Budesa
Gary Moran
George Burton
Neil Podgurski

Described as...

JAZZADELPHIA is an ongoing project conceived of and produced by Todd Horton, musician; composer; and producer. The goal is to pay tribute to Philadelphia legends of jazz while celebrating the artists who keep the Philly jazz tradition alive and well. Players of varying ages, backgrounds and stylistic uniqueness contribute to what Horton calls “the jazz economy” in Philadelphia today. These are musicians who, in whole or in part, make their living by performing jazz music. And they are some of the finest players anywhere.

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