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What a couple of freaks


Location: London, England, United Kingdom
indieHD URL:
Earnings To-Date: [private]
Record Label: DervishMusic
Label Type: Independent
On Our Playlist: Playlists not allowed on account of their 'attachment to the past and reliance on the future'.. We simply absorb whatever might flow in our direction in the present moment, obviously having to filter out a lot of unwanted 'shite' but this is easliy achieved by meditating hourly.. though we don't plan to do that tomorrow, for instance, as that would involve a reliance on the future - it's just something that has, so far, always happened.

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Band Members

Andy Clegg, Carlos Baptiste

Artistic Influences

somehow always managed to steer clear of influences

Described as...

Unashamed, folk-tronic, alternative, subversive..

Clegg: Bi-polar so you never know which one you're going to get...

Baptiste: Too suggestible, strangely eager to buy into Clegg's truly
bizarre beliefs on extra-terrestrial contact, but musically genius...

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