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A planetary super organism under construction


Location: Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand
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Record Label: cybiont
Label Type: indie
On Our Playlist: Rowland S Howard

Band Members

Cybiont + Mac + OSX

Artistic Influences

Life, living, the past, the future and everything around.
My song writing/composing usually gets triggered off by something. This can be a sound, a thought, a leaf that rustles in the wind, a bird song, a beat/rhythm made by walking, a piece of metal scraping along the pavement, a book (or even just a title of a book), something that I find being wrong and that upsets!, a conversation, a random face hiding a lie or a smile. Intense conversations usually trigger some ideas, and off course - other music that I hear. A couple of the tunes on the album are based on a feeling that was triggered by a synthesizer sound. Others started as an idea that was built up over time.

What really inspires to make music are all those brave enough to bring something new into this world. The small man standing up for justice, the tiny voice that dare to speak the truth, and the ones - that against all odds - continue working for what they believe is right. They touch my heart, and often that comes out as music at this end.

Described as...

Soul cabaret

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