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in giro

Location: United States
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Catherine Fail
Wayne DePrince Jr.
David Anthony Parker

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On the move, in motion, out and about: that's “in giro”, and that we are. We pick up things in our travels, pluck them from limbs, absorb or excavate or simply remember them, and during layovers we stitch these together and sing. Being "in giro" is being with change, and ever-seeking we make music that ever-seeks. Called to a more radical simplicity, we create what's necessary to help us shed some skin and move on lighter and more free. Walking a line between the bitter and the sweet, "in giro" yearns to synthesize revolution and surrender: revolution is obvious!, surrender to beauty and perfection the challenge.

Music as a struggle for harmony organically reflects the dynamic: flux and flow and continual change in tempo/key/style/voice, and cycling themes/leitmotifs is “dram rock”, drama-infused indie/alternative rock. Making leaps and breaking free is a dramatic personal endeavor, and what we create is propulsion for our adventures out of this world and into a better one.

As points on our trajectory towards freedom, the defiantly homemade music is free/gratis, the tools are free/libre, and we work with free/independent artists. Our first release, "demonstrate", volume 2 of the "from where to Now" cycle, is a protest rock opera. An examination of society, culture and privilege, the suite is a critique turned meditation turned struggle for freedom.

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